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 Dreamfield`s Acuity Ruff

Vater:           Tauvechan Osprey
Mutter:          Taviscara Abila

Geb.:            16.09.2004

                    - HD D, ED 0/0
                    - Augen frei
                    - Optigen A1

Prüfungen:   - Cold Game Qualification Test 2005
 - "Judges Choice" beim ersten Workingtest A `06
 - Workintest A Juli 2006, 2. Platz
 - Finnisches Labrador Derby 2006, 7. Platz
   nach "Run Off"
 - Dummy F/ Finnland
 - Workingtest F, Mai 2007 Laukaa, 3. Platz


Dreamfield`s Acuity Ruff

Ruffi works with great enthusiasm. His style is effective and powerful and he is always ready to go to work. Ruff is very sensitive. He needs to be treated in the right way and when you do, he will do anything for you.  With Ruffi’s “big heart”, he is always willing to please and always struggles to do his best.


Ruffi has also shown his abilities with game when we go hunting. He is quiet in waiting situations and ready to explode when needed. In Finland , the hunting is much more “waiting” than one can imagine and it´s important that you have a dog with good nerves and plenty of patience; that’s Ruffi!. At home he is the most sweetful boy, friendly and loves kids. He sleeps if nothing is happening and is ready to go when his family is.


Pia Puolakka; Finnland